Spanish Civil War

On July 17, 1936 Spain had come to one of there biggest problems yet, facing war. Spanish army officers led by General Fransisco Franco rebelled against the Spanish republic. Fights began all over Spain, and that is how the war began. The war began in Spain, but led to many other countries and many other countries were joining in, including the U.S. Around 3,000 Americans formed a group called, "Abraham Lincoln Battalion" and went to Spain to fight Franco and his people.

By the time the war got under way, it began to tear family members, friends-
hips, and neighbors apart. The violent acts that kept occurring, it called for immediate attention. The republicans arranged evacuation for children, who were sent off too Britain, Belgium, Soviet Union, and Mexico. Franco had also set up an evacuation for children and women.

Americans went to Spain hoping to stop fascism, but that would not be the case. Hitler and Mussolini backed Franco's people by giving them: weapons, tanks, and fighter planes. Although the Soviet Union tried to help out the Republic by sending equipment and advisers, Franco still took the victory of 1939 and became Spain's fascist dictator.

Many Americans were fascinated with the Spanish Civil War because they were afraid that fascism would come to the United States; they also wanted reassurance, but when Franco won many people wondered if it would take over the world. Another reason for them to be interested was because they thought that their lives were better than the people who were facing these dilemmas, and maybe for a few days they could feel better about themselves. The Depressions caused hard times for families, and maybe other people actually had it worse then them?

Credit: Textbook- The Americans by: McDougal Littell