Style and Architecture of the time during the Great Depression can be categorized into 4 groups:


Art Deco

October 15, 1927

Dear Diary,
The scene in Miami is changing a lot. Many new buildings, mainly apartment buildings, are going up, and I hear people saying a lot about some Art Deco style. From what my parents tell me, it is a new architectural style that came from France. The colors are very light and bright, It gives me inspiration and hope in these tough economic times. It appears very geometric, specifically with the use of cubes; I guess that’s why I’ve been hearing people talk about cubism lately. Most of the taller buildings have setbacks, which are like steps in the structure of the building, that move in as the building gets higher. From what I have read in the newspapers, this is to allow more light to come over the tops of the buildings so people don’t have to walk in the dark because the buildings are blocking the light. Personally I feel that this style is very artistic because it combines many types of styles, some from ancient Egypt. I feel that this helps people focus less on the tough economic times, and helps them enjoy life more.

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Frank Lloyd Wright was a famous architect who made many famous buildings in this style.